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How to make your mighty Samsung Galaxy S23 camera for Android even better

There is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S23 has one of the best cameras. But thanks to a new update, not getting even better. And not by much, either.

The world of tech is fantastic. You buy a device with impressive specs, but suddenly you get an update according to leaker Ice Universe. And as Samsung proves, those updates really are worth it. And your camera is going to be happy about it.

The Samung Galaxy S23 lord and master?

The Samsung Galaxy S23 for Android may be a masterpiece. After all, it’s a flagship that rivals the iPhone 14. The Samsung Galaxy S23 series was released in February 2023, but that does not mean Samsung is not working to improve its flagship smartphones.

A “super update” seems to be rolling out now with some major camera improvements. And while the camera is awesome anyway: we’re intrigued.

According to SamMobile and @theonecid on Twitter, some Galaxy S23 users in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand have now installed the long-awaited June update. The improvements in the camera are significant after that the large 2.2 GB update. Although there is no official change log for these updates yet, the improvements seem to focus on four areas.

First, there is reportedly now a 2x zoom option in the camera app’s portrait mode. This feature was revealed back in May by leaker Ice Universe rumors and crops the main camera by 50 MP to give you a handy extra option to take portraits at a fine distance.

Android Samsung S23 lineThe Samsung Galaxy S23 line is stunning. (Image: Samsung)

Maybe now you can take nice selfies without your phone getting too close, because nobody wants a camera full of nose hairs, right? Except that one uncle who has a nose moustache.

The banana is gone on the Samsung S23

Another improvement is that the S23’s autofocus problems have apparently been fixed. This may refer to the “banana-shaped blur” that some users have experienced when shooting subjects up close. Third, there should also be a much-needed fix for the phone’s HDR issues, which can cause a halo around objects photographed in low-light situations.

And finally, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S23’s night mode processing has been tweaked. Some S23 owners have reported that night photos can be a bit blurry and also add artifacts and aberrations in bright light, so the update would possibly address that. It is one of the most irritating features of the software.

This “super update” doesn’t just focus on camera capabilities, some other noted improvements include smoother transitions for One UI animations and some minor improvements to haptic feedback. Let’s hope this update not only gives us better photos, but also the feeling of being hugged by our beloved Samsung phone in the future.

Samsung Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S23+, Android AirdropYour camera gets a nice bump. (Image: Mark Hofman / WANT)

Just a little longer to wait for your awesome camera

What is not yet clear is when this June update will be rolled out worldwide. So far, it seems to be available only in Southeast Asia. Nevertheless, other countries (including the U.S. and Europe) are also going to get the update in the coming days.

You can check about your update on your Galaxy S23 by going to Settings > Software Update and tapping ‘Download and install’ when it appears. Given the size of the update, you may need to free up some storage space.

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