1645383329 How you can quickly find your lost Android smartphone again

How you can quickly find your lost Android smartphone again

We all know how it feels to not have your Android smartphone in your sights. Fortunately, you can now secure and retrieve your data remotely with the help of this simple tool. Hopefully, you will be spared a lot of stress.

There are several options for recovering your Android smartphone. Almost all options only work with a good Wifi and GPS connection. For these options, it is helpful that you have a Google account. If you don’t have one, don’t worry! Through this tool you can find your smartphone with only a Samsung account.

You need to have these details at hand

Most Android devices come with a “Find My Device” feature. This feature automatically tracks the location of your smartphone, so you can check the last known location via another device. You can also have your phone ring, or lock and reset remotely.

It’s important that the Android smartphone is set up properly so that you can find it if you need to. If you don’t do this, then you are basically on your own. Make sure you always have the IMEI and serial numbers of your smartphone handy. The IMEI number is a kind of unique ID that your smartphone uses to register with transmission towers. You can track this number online. The IMEI and serial number can be retrieved from the settings, under the category ‘phone info’. These numbers are especially useful if your mobile phone is stolen.

IMEI and serial number Android smartphoneThis way you can easily find both numbers. (Image: WANT)

Thieves can in fact easily reset your smartphone and resell it. If you are aware of this, it is important that you go to the police as soon as possible with the IMEI and serial number. The police can then block these numbers so that the smartphones are no longer usable. In addition, IMEI numbers can be traced online.

Find your Android smartphone again with help from Google

Google has a built-in utility specifically designed for Android smartphones that have been lost. You are signed up for this right when you set up your phone.

If your phone is missing, all you have to do is install the Google Find My Device app. Then sign in with your Google account. If you have two-step verification, you’ll need to complete this first. You can use the app to locate and control your phone remotely.

Google find my Android smartphoneYour lifesaver! (Image: Google)

In the app, you have three options to choose from. First, you can have a sound play on your smartphone, even if it is on silent. Secondly, you can secure your device so that the finder of your Android smartphone cannot access your home screen. Finally, you can reset your smartphone remotely. This is your best option if you are sure that your device is beyond saving.

Haven’t found a suitable option yet?

Not a fan of Google, or just want to try something else? Then we recommend you to try out some free apps with equivalent features. The apps Life360, Prey Anti Theft and Lost Android, are your best options.

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