1708957846 Insane bracelet smartphone Motorola becomes reality at MWC 2024

Insane bracelet smartphone Motorola becomes reality at MWC 2024

Last October, Motorola showed the Adaptive Display Concept. A few months later, the Android smartphone that folds around your arm is a reality.

During Mobile World Congress, one of the world’s larger technology fairs, companies are doing everything they can to introduce visitors to the future. Motorola is doing this in the form of its Adaptive Display Concept.

We got to see that concept back in October of last year, but it has since evolved into an actual product. Not one that appears on the market by the way, but purely to show the possibilities to consumers.

Motorola’s bracelet smartphone

Screens that roll, screens that fold and screens that bend. The smartphone market is busy with screens and different technologies to impress with them. Whether Motorola has the best idea up its sleeve with its Adaptive Display Concept, we doubt. However, bold it is.

Although we were introduced to the idea of an armband smartphone a few months ago, MWC 2024 is the place to actually see it. But what was this device again?


MWC 2024?

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry. It takes place annually in Barcelona, Spain, and attracts thousands of participants from all over the world, including companies, developers, and experts. It serves as a platform for showcasing the latest technological innovations and discussing future trends in mobile communications.

Just a quick refresher. The Motorola Adaptive Display is a bendable Android smartphone with a 6.9-inch FullHD+ pOLED display. The smartphone, due to its bendable feature, can stand upright by itself or, in the slimmest case, be slapped on your wrist by itself.

You might compromise on some specs, but overall the device offers the regular Android experience. Pretty cool, in other words.

The first images from MWC 2024

Motorola’s bracelet smartphone is not new, of course, but it is finding its way to mankind at MWC 2024. So our own Jeroen stumbled upon it on the show floor and got a comprehensive demo of the whole party.

Among other things, he got to see how the Android theme of the device is customized based on your clothing style and how the device can be folded around the wrist.

Motorola goes for nostalgia with bizarre bracelet smartphone (Image: Jeroen Kraak / WANT)

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