Intriguing Nothing Phone 2 slowly leaks out all about the

Intriguing Nothing Phone (2) slowly leaks out: all about the Android smartphone

Last year, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei released the Nothing Phone (1) after a period of dire hype. Although the launch of this new Android device did not go smoothly, it appears that the LED-lit cell phone has been successful enough to introduce a successor. There are now a number of rumors in the world about the Nothing Phone (2).

Carl Pei has described the Nothing Phone (2) as an Android phone with a “premium edge” compared to the Phone (1). Exactly what he meant by that has not yet been officially announced, but thanks to these rumors posted on the website, we probably already know more.

New chip in the Phone (2) with Android?

According to the source, the Nothing Phone (2) will include a new chipset compared to its predecessor. The chips will likely be from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 series. On the other hand, this set has not been announced yet, so more precise information about the contents of this Android device is not available at this time.

In addition, the model number of the Nothing Phone (2) is now said to be known. If you spot anything about an A065, chances are you are dealing with this new phone.

RAM, memory and battery

The Phone (2) likely features 12GB of RAM with 256GB of internal storage. This is the same as the most expensive variant of the Phone (1). It is still unknown if this new Android model does allow you to expand storage.

You don’t fill 256GB extremely quickly, so the Nothing Phone (2) also supports Virtual RAM. This allows smaller tasks that were otherwise performed or remembered by your physical RAM to be partially absorbed by your internal storage. This would allow you to switch between apps even faster on your device. Note that this process could eventually affect the life of your storage as you are continuously sending data to your SSD.

Nothing Phone (2), Nothing Phone (1)Who knows, maybe the Nothing Phone (2) will come in more colors than just black and white. (Image: Unsplash/Thai Nguyen)

The battery has also slightly improved over the first model. The Phone (1) had a 4500 mAh battery, giving it about 5 to 8 hours on a full battery. The Nothing Phone (2) includes a 5000 mAh battery, which will more easily give you the 6 to 10 hours. This is similar to that of the S23+, Samsung’s Android flagship.

Very little is known about the release of the Nothing Phone (2) for now. At least we know that the Android phone should hit the market in the second half of 2023 No word yet on the price. Whether the distribution will also go the same way as the Nothing Phone (1) is also still unclear.

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