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iOS 15.3.1: these iPhone issues are fixed with the update

New software versions are once again available for Apple devices. Think of the iPhone, the iPad and the Apple Watch. For example, you can now download iOS 15.3.1, which fixes a major security issue. Apple recommends that owners of the devices get the updates in as soon as possible.

In the release notes, Apple explains what has changed with the arrival of the new software updates. For example, a fix is now available for the problems surrounding Braille. Previously, that functionality could just stop there; but if all goes well, that’s no longer the case.

Update your iPhone

In addition, Apple fixes a problem with WebKit. Previously, it was possible for a hacker to set up a special website with malicious code, which the user was then not notified of. If all goes well, this is no longer possible. By the way, these two updates also appear for iPadOS and therefore modern iPads.

In addition, an update is also available for the Apple Watch. Owners of the Apple smartwatch can now download watchOS 8.4.2. You shouldn’t expect any major features or bug fixes here. The update is all about minor bug fixes and general performance improvements.

iPhone 13In the color option blue (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

Updating your Apple devices

You can update your iPhone or iPad in two ways. One is to connect the devices to a computer with the iTunes software on board. In addition, an over-the-air update is available, which simply downloads and installs the latest version on your smartphone or tablet.

Want to download the update for Apple Watch right away too? You can also do that directly from the device, by connecting it to wifi. In all cases, you need to go to settings and select the Software Update option there. It is wise to keep smart devices up to date.

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