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iOS 15.4 may put iPhone software update in a very different light

When you download a software update for your iPhone, or any other smartphone, it is wise to do so over a Wi-Fi connection. Nevertheless, some people still use a mobile network for that operation. If you prefer to do that, or if there is no other way, it is helpful that you are able to do so.

And that’s exactly where the shoe pinches a bit for owners of a modern iPhone. Until the launch of the twelfth model it was only possible to download a software update via a Wi-Fi network. If you were on the road and wanted to update, it was unfortunately not possible thanks to this limitation.

Download iPhone software without wifi

But since the release of the iPhone 12 and 13, it has been possible to download iOS updates over a 5G network. The third beta of iOS 15.4 hints at a feature that many users may have been waiting for years. In fact, it contains references to downloading such an update over a 4G network.

iPhone 13 and 13 miniThe mini and its bigger brother (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

So it seems that Apple wants to be more flexible with the idea of downloading an update. When you get an update notification, you are also asked whether you want to download it via a mobile network. You get the option to choose this, so you can actually download when you want.

Apple does give a warning

Of course, Apple does warn about any charges associated with downloading over the mobile network. This is useful for people who have a limited mobile subscription and have to pay (heavily) for the MBs consumed outside the subscription. It will probably not happen here in the Netherlands.

This is not the only useful feature that iOS 15.4 brings to users. Namely, the operating system ensures that Face ID can finally deal with mouth masks. In addition, new emoji are coming, you can count on Universal Control and updates to the iCloud keychain, among others.

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