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iOS 16.3 available for iPhone: all features and improvements listed

Apple released a new update for the iPhone last night. It’s about iOS 16.3 that, among other things, brings a feature called security keys to your smartphone. But what else does the update do?

In this article, we explain that to you from head to toe. We look at all the improvements, as well as the new additions you get with iOS 16.3. So you can expect the following on your iPhone.


How do I perform an iPhone update?

To perform an iPhone update, go to “Settings,” then choose “General” and select “Software Update. The latest software will be searched, downloaded and then installed.

iOS 16.3 brings security keys to your iPhone

It is possible to add physical security keys to your iPhone thanks to iOS 16.3. This hardware is often used as an extra layer of security, so now it can also be applied to your Apple ID.

As of iOS 16.3, you can use these keys when setting up a new iPhone. So once you log in to your Apple ID, you no longer need authentication from another Apple device. Pretty handy.

Apple doesn’t make physical keys itself, of course, so you have to rely on third-party products.

iCloud, Apple, iOS 16.3, iPhoneSafety first! (Image: Unsplash)

HomePod support thanks to iOS 16.3

Last week, Apple announced its second-generation HomePod. The smart speaker will be available for pre-order starting Feb. 3 for $349 and will work great on your iPhone from now on, as iOS 16.3 adds proper support.

The second-generation HomePod features a familiar design, but has some changes. For example, it features touch-sensitive controls, better Siri support and a more powerful chip. OMT editor Dennis Mons tells you all about it in the article below:

New wallpaper for your iPhone

Those who love wallpapers have something to look forward to again. Apple is introducing the new Unity wallpaper with iOS 16.3. It can be used on both your iPhone and Apple Watch.

The wallpaper is designed to honor Black History Month (February) and can be used immediately.

Unity, iOS, iPhone, AppleUnity (Image: Apple)

Customization for SOS emergency notification

Apple has rolled out an additional layer of security for its SOS emergency notifications. Such a call can now be activated in a different way on your iPhone. This is to prevent pantsack calls to emergency services.

To activate an emergency notification, press and release the side button along with a volume button.

Improved iCloud security by iOS 16.3

In addition to the security key feature, with iOS 16.3, Apple is also introducing better data protection for iCloud. The total number of iCloud data categories have been increased to 23 for iPhone users.

In this way, the American company is trying to ensure that information, even in the event of a data breach, always remains protected. So also in the cloud.

iCloud, Apple, iOS 16.3, iPhoneCloud (Image: Apple / Edit: OMT)

Apple fixes iPhone issues with iOS 16.3

In addition to adding a number of new features, Apple is also taking its chance to fix problems with iOS 16.3. The following issues have been improved on the iPhone:

Yellow and green streaks in iPhone 14 Pro Max image resolved
Freeform now shows all character stripes on shared boards
Background access screen iPhone no longer black
Home app now displays correct home status again
Siri responds correctly to music requests again
Siri now better understands requests via Apple CarPlay

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