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iPhone 14 Pro feature on Android? These two phone makers are working on it

The iPhone 14 Pro has been on the market since last weekend. One of its most special features is the Dynamic Island. Makers of Android phones are watching the phenomenon very closely. Two companies are now taking it a step further.

Apple managed to take all the flocking journalists at the Steve Jobs Theatre by quite a surprise this year. They all knew the iPhone 14 Pro would get another notch, but the Dynamic Island was completely new to them. A feature we haven’t seen before on an Android phone.

The iPhone 14 Pro feature on Android?

Although Android phones do not have the exact notch as Apple’s, makers are still looking at the new idea. Realme and Xiaomi are now responding to the innovation seen on the iPhone 14 Pro.


What is the Dynamic Island?

The Dynamic Island is the pill-shaped notch that houses the camera and technology for Face ID. Instead of it now being a big black area on the iPhone 14 Pro (Max), Apple now shows you notifications on it, such as a WhatsApp message. If you use Spotify, you can see there what song you are currently listening to, for example. So Apple has made a virtue out of necessity.

Realme is now asking its users if they see the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island on their own Android smartphones. Although the company is not calling the beast by its name, it is asking its customers on a forum the following: “Can you imagine Realme UI turning the camera into a multifunctional feature through software?”

Xiaomi China President Lu Weibing is also asking his supporters for their opinions on the iPhone 14 Pro feature. He wants to know if they “need a smart island.

iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island Android appsThe iPhone 14 Pro (Image: Apple)

Does it really make sense?

Still, the iPhone 14 Pro feature is not entirely new on a device from Xiaomi. A user has already created a special interface that looks a far cry from the Dynamic Island.

The big question now is whether we will actually see the Dynamic Island, Realme Island, Tropical Island, Escape from Monkey Island or any other variant back on Android. Given the other notch of Android devices, which often only have a punch-hole for the camera, it is also questionable whether it is really necessary. Perhaps it is going to affect the design of a phone. In any case, it is very convenient.

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