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iPhone 15 likely to abandon SIM card slot in Europe as well

September is not just the month when Apple releases its new iPhone 15. It could also be the month when an awful lot of consumers switch to an eSIM. The end of the physical SIM card is reportedly here.

Sources from iGeneration, a French technology website, report that Apple has plans to spare the iPhone 15 in France from a SIM card slot. Well, and should that be the case, there’s a chance we’ll notice something of this in the Netherlands as well.

iPhone 15 without a SIM card slot in Europe

Although we noticed little of it in Europe, the iPhone 14 already did so in the United States. There, millions of users had to switch to eSIM, given that the physical connector was no longer on the smartphone.

Once the iPhone 15 is available in France, the device will do the same in the European country. And since Apple doesn’t make a device specifically for consumers there, chances are pretty good that the rest of the continent will be affected as well.

In the Netherlands, four providers are currently replacing the physical SIM card with an electronic variant: KPN, T-Mobile, Vodafone and Simyo. Whether that is enough for Apple to actually make the move with the iPhone 15, however, remains to be seen.

Personally, I consider it quite likely that Apple will wait a little longer to make the full transition, given that not every European country is already ready with the switch. Then again, that’s just a gut feeling, though. So, like the rumor, take it with a grain of salt.

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Steve Jobs saw the future for some time

Should the iPhone 15 actually appear on the market without a SIM card slot, this will make Steve Jobs’ vision a reality after all. In May last year, Tony Fidell, also known as the father of the iPod, said that this idea has been in play at Apple for some time.

Steve Jobs wanted the iPhone to be one seamless device and thus not have an input for your SIM card. So by getting rid of the physical variant, there had to be a digital alternative that was not available at the time.

Since then, the eSIM has become a household name in the market and once again shows that Steve Jobs had a very particular vision for technology. You can read the whole story below:

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