Apples hidden feature makes iPhone 14 lock button a lot scaled

iPhone 16 Pro Max becomes most imposing Apple smartphone ever

The corridors are buzzing like crazy. While many Apple fans are patiently waiting for what the iPhone 15 has to offer, sources are already talking about the next generation. According to them, we can be excited about the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max because they have something great in store.

Of course, that depends on how you look at it. Indeed, it is rumored that Apple’s 2024 smartphone will have a very large display – and we mean really large.

iPhone 16 Pro Max gets giant display

According to analyst Ross Young (via MacRumors), the iPhone 16 Pro Max will get a giant display. The current generation offers up to a 6.7-inch display, but starting in 2024, a model with a 6.9-inch display will also be available.

Rumors should always be taken with a grain of salt, but Young is usually well informed. Indeed, he is certain that the screen sizes for the Pro models are now fixed and that Apple is not changing them.

In addition to the giant display on the iPhone 16 Pro Max, the standard Pro model is also getting an upgrade. The screen size goes from 6.1 inches to 6.3 inches.

Young is still leaving it unclear what kind of display we can expect, nor does he say what Apple’s plans are for the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus.


Who is Ross Young?

Ross Young is the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, also known as the DSCC. Because of his wide network, he knows a lot about Apple’s future plans. Something he does, with an accurate score of 92.9% on Apple Track, successfully.

Haptic buttons of the party

Of course, rumors are not only circulating about the 2024 model. The iPhone 15 is also being discussed in the corridors. Several months ago, we heard that the smartphone would replace physical buttons with models with haptic feedback.

That has since been reversed and it appears that this year’s model will have regular buttons. The 2024 iPhone 16 Pro (Max), however, will not. Mark Gurman, Bloomberg journalist and extremely reliable source, reports that the discussed buttons are moving up a year.

This rumor has also been confirmed by Ming-Chi Kuo, another highly reliable source.

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