iPhone Android or camera these tips will make you a

iPhone, Android or camera: these tips will make you a photography king

Taking photos on your iPhone or Android is easier than ever these days. As cameras get better and better quality, they are now almost indistinguishable from a professional camera. But that doesn’t mean a good photo is guaranteed. After all, that’s entirely up to you.

Photography has many secret rules that are actually not difficult at all. You just have to discover them. Fortunately, we help you do just that. These tips will help you take a great snapshot on an iPhone or Android smartphone.

Take beautiful photos on an iPhone or Android thanks to these 5 tips

Photography, like everything else in life, takes a lot of practice. So don’t expect to take stunning photos on your iPhone or Android right away, but take the time to make the tips your own. Then you will probably do just fine!

1. The rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is an incredibly useful tool for creating a great composition for a photograph. The idea is that you divide the frame into three lines both vertically and horizontally, like a grid on an iPhone or Android. The most important element of your photo should then be on one of those lines. In fact, if you place your subject at an intersection of two lines, the photo will look even better. Although you can also create a beautiful photo without this composition, this rule is ideal for coming up with interesting compositions easily and quickly.

2. Symmetry on an iPhone or Android

Symmetry can make for great images that stand out immediately. It is often easy to create symmetrical compositions , for example with reflections of surface water. Creating symmetry is also a really fun challenge. Once you have mastered the technique, you can also play with it a bit. iPhone and Android Photos with a mix of symmetrical and asymmetrical elements make a photo even more unique and attractive.

3. Leading lines

Our eyes are drawn to striking and clear lines in photographs. This makes things like the rails of a track or a road through a landscape, a great way to lead your viewer’s eye to the most important parts of your photo. Leading lines are not a must for a good photo, but they are something you should be aware of. If your photo has strong lines, it draws viewers’ attention. And that can also lead in the wrong direction. Therefore, look carefully at what lines your environment has and how you want to frame it with your iPhone or Android.

4. Be careful with cropping

It may be self-explanatory, but we want to give it to you anyway. When taking a picture, it is important to be careful not to keep crucial things out of the frame. For example, think of limbs or torsos. Most people naturally look crazy when their hand is cut off in a photo. It can just be quite tricky to do this in practice, especially if you are shooting photos on the street or while traveling. A photo always ends at a fixed point, but the world goes on. Therefore, you can never avoid cutting things out. Therefore, always think carefully about where the photo on your iPhone or Android ends and how best to crop it.

5. Use complementary colors

Time to think back to your drawing lessons. Because do you remember the color wheel? Because it plays an essential role in this rule. Colors that are opposite each other on the wheel create a very interesting contrast and usually make for brighter pictures. So iPhone or Android photos with red and green, orange and blue, or purple and yellow, for example, look extra vivid. Take advantage of this knowledge, because very interesting images can come out of this!

complementary colorsRed and green make the photo a lot more interesting. (Image: Unsplash)

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