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iPhone users in App Store a lot pickier than Android

Research shows that iPhone users are quite strict when it comes to downloading third-party apps from the download store. More picky than users on Android, who get their apps from the Google Play Store. Apps in the App Store score significantly worse than the same apps you get from Google Play.

Does that mean the offerings on Android are significantly better? No, states research firm unitQ, iPhone users simply expect more from their apps. The researchers scrutinized 122 million user reviews. The conclusion: there is a lot of room for improvement for mobile software.

iPhone users are more critical

The company used artificial intelligence for the study and thus looked at millions of reviews within the App Store and Google Play Store. The algorithm looked not only at the number of stars users gave. It also looked at the difference between positive and negative reviews from users.

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When you lump together the ratings from all the reviews viewed and average them out, you come across the following scores. Android users give apps an average of 78, while iPhone users don’t get higher than 61. How expensive a user’s smartphone is seems to play a role in this.

The state of mobile software

After analyzing the data, the researchers give mobile software an average score of 75. With this, the company states that the majority of apps are basically fine, but that there is also plenty of room for improvement. Unfortunately, unitQ does not give examples of things that could be improved.

unitQ is a company that collects and analyzes reviews, to find out what a lot of people suffer from within apps. Such information it can then sell to developers, so they don’t have to make the same mistakes and spend little time on thorough market research themselves.