Keep track of your packages even easier with the redesigned

Keep track of your packages even easier with the redesigned Apple Wallet

At One More Thing, we, probably like many other iPhone users, are eagerly awaiting the arrival of iOS 16. The operating system brings a lot of interesting innovations, including in the Apple Wallet. Jeroen dived into the functionality and tells you all about it.

The Apple Wallet app is very handy. For example, you can store airline tickets, digital bank cards and tickets for events. So I am personally very excited about the fact that the app will soon be able to count on a number of new features.

The redesigned Apple Wallet app

The revamped Wallet app will also help you track orders starting on iOS 16. Webshops will have to use a new system for this, but Apple has already managed to rope in the necessary parties. We have the promise that Shopify, a system for companies to manage a webshop, can count on support.

In the Wallet will therefore be a special tab with Orders, or as it is called in English: Orders. You can add these by clicking on the plus sign in the top right corner. In iOS 15, you could already add a debit or public transportation card, but in iOS 16 you can add Orders. When you make a purchase from a retailer that supports the system, the order form and delivery information will appear there.

Apple Wallet ordersThis is what it’s going to look like in iOS 16. (Image: Apple Insider)

Keep track of your (old) orders

In the tab in the Wallet you will see all active orders that are currently in progress. In addition, you will also find the history of orders. Those who want more information about an order click on the corresponding reservation. The details of the delivery, such as the tracking number, can then be viewed. That number can also be selected and takes you directly to the website of the delivery service. In this way you have all the information you need at your fingertips with just a few mouse clicks.

Through notifications, the Apple Wallet app knows how to keep you informed about your order. You know immediately when you can expect a certain package. Moreover, it is possible for users to add orders manually. Webshops would only have to add a button for this in the confirmation email.

More sensitive orders can be removed from the history. That way you won’t see them between the orders in the Wallet. Orders that you place with someone else can be shared. Useful if, for example, you buy a gift for someone together. Real export of data is not possible, unless you make a screenshot.

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