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Leaked iPhone 15 confirms different design, but is it worth it?

The iPhone 15 is still months away, but has been the talk of the town for ages. After several rumors circulated about the smartphone last week, a set of dummies surfaced last weekend. What’s the big difference from the iPhone 14?

You can bet that once we’re a few months away from the new iPhone, various cases and mock-ups will pop up. As a result, often combined with various rumors, we know pretty quickly what the device has to offer in terms of design. This year is no different.

What the iPhone 15 will look like

Officially, of course, there is little meaningful to say yet about the difference between the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 14. But armed with the information leaked in recent months and the new renders, we can take a stab at it.

Last weekend, a video appeared on Macotakara’s YouTube channel. In it, 3D-printed mock-ups of the iPhone 15 could be seen. These so-called dummies do nothing, of course, but they were printed based on the official dimensions given to accessory makers, among others.

This not only shows exactly what the smartphone will look like in the hand, but also what difference there is from previous models. Time to throw your iPhone 14 case in the trash!

The difference from the iPhone 14

Compared to the iPhone 14, the new iPhone 15 does a few things differently. For example, it features thinner screen bezels that slope slightly curved, which can make the look slightly different.

In fact, it causes the devices’ dimensions to be slightly different, by 1 mm in length to be exact. As a result, iPhone 14 cases cannot be used for iPhone 15 and vice versa.

Remarkably, there is still something to be made of the other models. The case of the iPhone 14 Plus is excellent for the iPhone 15 Plus, because those dimensions do not differ from each other.

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are both a millimeter narrower and shorter, so they really do fit into their predecessor’s case.

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