Leaked iPhone 15 Pro screen gives good hope for the.webp

Leaked iPhone 15 Pro screen gives good hope for the future

No matter how far away we are from a new iPhone: news can be found every day. Of course, some rumors are more interesting or useful than others, but stories are always there. Although a leaked iPhone 15 Pro display panel is really cause for excitement.

The Android market has had smartphones with impressive displays for years. Not just in terms of quality (Apple can do that too), but mostly in design. Kneiter thin screen bezels that fall curved over the edges of a phone are kind of the norm. And the iPhone 15 Pro seems to be getting it, too.

Screen iPhone 15 is a treat

Last weekend, Chinese media managed to make sure we got our first taste of the iPhone 15 Pro. At least, of the display, that is. Photos and videos, from websites like Bilibli and Douyin, showed the glass panels that Apple is likely to use. Later, acquaintances like Uknownz21 and ShrimpApplePro also shared the images.

This gives us a good idea (hilarious!) of, for example, the screen bezels and the use of the Dynamic Island. The former seem to fall over the edge of the smartphone, so to speak. Not in extreme, but subtle as we are used to from Apple.

Not only the iPhone 15 Pro, but all models in the series seem to emulate an old acquaintance here. Apple already managed to introduce such a design with the iPhone 11, following the many Android manufacturers who have also been doing it for years.

As a result, you could say that the iPhone’s display will look more like that of the Apple Watch Series 7 or Series 8. Not in size and quality, of course, but in terms of screen bezels.

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Goôd morning! Here’s is the real life video of the front glass panel of the iPhone 15 series, i was able to confirm its authenticity with my source. It’s real! pic.twitter.com/5BkI0OFgz9

– ShrimpApplePro 🍤 (@VNchocoTaco) March 5, 2023

Dynamic Island for everyone

Apple introduced the all-new iPhone 14 series last September. A lineup that managed to steal the show mainly thanks to the Dynamic Island of the Pro and Pro Max. A smaller version of the notch we’ve known for years with a completely new way of interacting.

Like the current series, the notch on the iPhone 15 Pro’s display will support a variety of functionalities. Think about quickly controlling a timer or playing your favorite music via Spotify or Apple Music.

Rumors had been circulating for some time that Apple would have plans to release the Dynamic Island on its non-pro models. Today’s leaked panels only seem to add to that message.

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