Lost your Samsung smartphone Find it quickly with this tip

Lost your Samsung smartphone? Find it quickly with this tip

Who doesn’t know it. You need your cell phone, but you can’t feel it in your pocket. The fear that then goes through you is indescribable. Fortunately, you will be spared this blind panic next time, because with this handy tool you will find your Samsung smartphone again in no time.

If you have a Galaxy smartphone and have lost it, you can use a “find my mobile” function. Samsung has developed a powerful tool that allows you to locate, lock and even reset your Galaxy device remotely. Thank goodness, because with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra still a long way off, you’ll have to get by with the smartphone you have now.

How do you set up the Find My phone tool?

The feature does not work without a Samsung account. Therefore, create one first, if you don’t already have one. Once created you can proceed with the following steps.

Step 1: Go to the settings of your Samsung smartphone and click on biometrics and security. Here you will find different options for the security of your Galaxy device. Next, enable the “find my mobile” option. To make it even more secure, you can also choose to enable ‘send last location’ or ‘unlock remotely’.

Set up find my mobileThis is how you easily enable the feature. (Image: WANT)

Step 2: Through SmartThings Find, you can also enable this feature. You can use this tool to find Samsung devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, earbuds and tablets. Even if they are offline.

This is how to easily find your Samsung smartphone

The time has come. Your Samsung smartphone is lost and you want to find it quickly. Don’t panic and perform these steps carefully.

Step 1: Go to this website.

Step 2: Log in with your Samsung account.

Step 3: You will now, if all goes well, be shown several options. If your phone is connected to WiFi its location is immediately displayed on a large map. Because your Samsung smartphone is connected to ‘find my mobile’ it immediately knows where to find your mobile.

With these tools you can control your mobile remotely

The ringing feature makes your phone ring for 1 minute at maximum volume. This works even if your smartphone is on vibrate or mute. The lock tool allows you to display a message on your lock screen or prevent people from turning off your mobile.

Track location provides you with the approximate location of the device. Clear data allows you to reset the device remotely. There are also options to back up your data, retrieve calls and messages, remotely unlock the device, and put the device in a power saving mode.

With Find My Mobile, you no longer have to wonder where your mobile is hiding. It’s a quick and easy way to locate your Samsung smartphone when it gets lost at home.