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Make your iPhone lightning fast again with this clever trick

If your iPhone has been around for a while, it may be working a little slower than you were used to. It may help to clean up the RAM. WANT editor Sabine explains what to do to get your device running blazing fast again.

Your iPhone can become slower when the RAM (Random Access Memory) is full. This is where the processor temporarily stores data, making your apps work. The amount of RAM on your iPhone is limited. For example, the iPhone 14 has 6GB of RAM. On older devices, this is often lower. When the RAM is full, the system no longer works at full speed.

Cleaning up RAM on your iPhone

Is your iPhone slower than usual? If so, try cleaning up your RAM. First, enable AssistiveTouch (unless you have a device with a physical home button). Open the settings and press Accessibility. Go to Touch and enable AssistiveTouch. Press the round ball that appears on the screen. The bottom option is the home button. You’ll need that one later.

Unlock your iPhone and press the following buttons in quick succession: first the top volume button, then the bottom volume button, then hold down the power button. It’s not higher math, but it has to be done correctly.

AssistiveTouch iPhoneAssistiveTouch iPhone (Screenshot: OMT)

A few more steps

When successful you will only see a slider to turn off the device. If you try to turn off the device in a normal way, you will also see an SOS button. That is now missing. Next, long press and hold the home button (on newer iPhones via AssistiveTouch).

Next, enter your passcode to unlock your iPhone again. At this point, your device’s RAM has been cleaned up. To check if you really succeeded, swipe up from the bottom. Normally, you can then switch between apps running in the background. These have now been cleared if all goes well (and hopefully you already notice the difference).