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Masterful camera feature finally available on older Samsung phones

If you use a Samsung phone, then you know that things are often fine when it comes to photography. However, when the company presents modern features for new devices, owners of old smartphones sometimes fish behind the net. In some cases, this happens only temporarily.

And we see that happening today as well. For Samsung announced, in Korean, that the Expert RAW photography option is on its way to older phones from the brand. These are devices that are already a few years old. Think of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, Note 20 Ultra and the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Expert RAW on your older Samsung phone

Expert RAW is not so much a single option, but actually a complete app that lets you take better photos with your Samsung device. The manufacturer introduced the app in 2021, when it became available for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Since then, the software found its way to some of the company’s other smartphones.

samsung galaxy s20 ultra lpddr5 micronThe Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (Image: WANT)

Among others, the Galaxy S22 series, Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Fold 4 have now received the app. Other 2020 phones won’t get the app, by the way. So if you’re still using an S20, S20 Plus, Note 20 or the first Galaxy Flip, you’re still missing out. Unfortunately, that’s peanut butter.

Taking better photos

Additionally, the Expert RAW app on your Samsung smartphone only uses the main camera and ultra-wide-angle lens, both of which have twelve megapixels. Should you have a suitable device, you can now find the app in the Galaxy Store. Also, your phone needs the latest firmware update.

Oh, and do pay attention. Because such an older device is obviously less fast and powerful than the models from 2022 or later. So you have to take into account that the processor speed is a bit disappointing compared to the newer offerings. So have some patience, but in return your photos will look nicer.

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