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Next iPhone 14 won’t be long in coming

Apple plans to release a brand new iPhone 14 one of these days. As in previous years, this will be a new color option that should give the offering a small boost. Although we don’t know if that will work this year.

Where in previous years we had to deal with a purple color option and that wonderful green color option, Apple is reaching for canary yellow with the iPhone 14. That’s not what the company itself calls it, of course, but that’s what it looks like….

Apple soon to drop yellow iPhone 14

By the way, the arrival of the special iPhone 14 is not yet official. The information comes from, how could it be otherwise, Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman. On Twitter, he reveals that Apple will act on this matter “very soon.

Last time Gurman made such a statement he focused on the HomePod. A day after he hurled that tweet into the world, the second-generation of the speaker appeared.

Twitter is not loading because you did not give permission.

Nearly a year to the day after the announcement of the green iPhone 13, a new iPhone 14 color is indeed imminent.

– Mark Gurman (@markgurman) March 6, 2023

So chances are pretty good that the yellow color variant of the iPhone 14 will be officially announced this week. In that case, the device will then actually go on sale to consumers starting next week.

Of course, we should not expect any major changes to the iPhone 14 itself. As in previous years, Apple will simply bring a new color to the market.


Who is Mark Gurman?

Mark Gurman is a technology journalist working at Bloomberg. He has been writing about Apple for more than a decade, previously worked for 9to5Mac and is among the most reliable sources. He is known anno 2023 mainly for his own newsletter: Power On.

Sleeves get fresh colors

This is completely in line with the story we brought you yesterday. To properly prepare for the spring season, Apple is also coming soon with a new line of iPhone 14 cases.

Colors of the cases are based on spring and thus look nice and fresh. In addition to the cases for the iPhone 14, consumers can of course also expect a new line of Apple Watch bands.

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