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No MagSafe and not portless: iPhone officially switches to USB-C

At an event held by The Wall Street Journal, Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Greg Joswiak, confirmed the arrival of the iPhone with USB-C connector. Although this is the first word from Apple, the announcement will come as a surprise to few.

Apple is making the change based on a new European Union law. The law, which makes USB-C a mandatory standard, became fully official this week.

The confirmation: iPhone switches to USB-C

Apple and European regulators were dealing “with this little disagreement,” Joswiak revealed to Joanne Stern. The interview with Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and Greg Federighi got off to an almost immediate start on the subject.

According to Joswiak, USB-C and Lightning are the two most popular connectors in the world. There are over a billion people using the latter, according to the Senior Vice President. Apple says this creates balance, the European Union says it creates problems. That’s why it requires Apple to make the switch to USB-C by 2025.

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Greg Joswiak understands the Union’s good intentions, but does see problems in the regulation. He also refers in the conversation to the desire to make micro-USB a standard, which the Union ultimately failed to do.

But Apple no longer has a choice and will have to do what the EU tells it to do. So the iPhone is officially switching to USB-C. When? Joswiak doesn’t say.

“Phones boring? Then you’re not talking about ours!”

By the way, the conversation between journalist Joanne Stern, Greg Federighi and Greg Joswiak is an extremely interesting one. After all, it is not only about the USB-C connector, but also, for example, about the future of the smartphone.

At one point, Stern even indicates that phones anno 2022 have become a bit boring. To which Greg Joswiak says, “I guess that makes it about other people’s phones. And I agree with that.”

The conversation is full of humor, the atmosphere looks good and the answers, especially for Apple’s sake, are very open. For the enthusiast: the interview can be seen below.

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Apple’s Craig Federighi and Greg Joswiak (@gregjoz) join @JoannaStern at #WSJTechLive to discuss products, privacy and power at the tech giant https://t.co/fNo2JGwMB4 https://t.co/aGrTlZrUo4

– The Wall Street Journal (@WSJ) October 26, 2022

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