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No, the iPhone 14 Pro will not be readily available for the rest of the year

Still haven’t been able to score an iPhone 14 Pro due to limited availability? There are reasons for that. Corona, among others, throws a spanner in the works, as factories in China regularly close. But there’s another problem at play right now that may be delaying delivery.

Namely, there is a nasty situation going on at the iPhone City factory in China. More than two hundred thousand people are working there on new iPhone models, among other things. Many of them have revolted because of covid-19 restrictions, deplorable working conditions and delayed payments.

iPhone 14 Pro comes a little later

And instead of actually solving or addressing the problems, factory owner Foxconn simply decides to hire new staff. The company is even getting help from local government agencies to do so. This means that production will soon be back to normal, and thus the iPhone 14 Pro can be made in full force again.

iPhone 14 Pro screenLike a Pro. (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

Foxconn informs us that it could take another four weeks or so for the new production to get fully underway. That means you won’t have to expect your new smartphone until early next year, should you be unable to score one now.

The only factory making them

Coincidentally, this is the only factory where the iPhone 14 Pro rolls out. So when the workers strike or riot, it directly impacts availability. This is annoying for anyone who wants to buy one, but the situation is most annoying for employees who are treated badly.

Apple seems to care little else. Occasionally it still comes out with a message that “everyone who works with or for Apple should be treated well.” But in the meantime, the company is trying to chip away at China’s dependency, so the lives of working people there are not improving anytime soon.

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