Nokia re releases some old fashioned phones

Nokia re-releases some ‘old-fashioned’ phones

HMD Global, the company behind recent Nokia phones, announces three new models that take inspiration from the past. The three models are called 2660, 5710 and 8210 and have all been given their own design. Moreover, they are also so-called dumbphones, deliberately lacking all kinds of smart features.

The Nokia 2660 is an old-fashioned clamshell phone, intended for a somewhat older audience. Not only is the phone very durable, it also has quite a few accessibility options. The interface is somewhat zoomed in, making it easy to read and operate. There is also support for hearing aids.

Three devices from Nokia

Next in line is the Nokia 5710 XpressAudio. Just like its predecessors, this model emphasizes music. Thus, a local music player is present and you get a set of earplugs as standard, which you place in the casing. When the earbuds are in the phone, it charges them automatically.

NokiaOld-fashioned Nokia phones (Image: Nokia)

Finally, we have the Nokia 8210. This is perhaps one of the most famous designs for a smartphone ever, similar to the old-fashioned 3310 and namesake 8210. The unique part about this phone is that the battery lasts up to nineteen days when you use the 4G connection.

And then we also have a tablet

Let’s also not forget the new Nokia tablet. This is an 8-inch tablet that features Android as its operating system. The company is promising three major upgrades for the device. So that means you will have to deal with four Android versions in total. This model will soon be available in LTE and Wi-Fi versions.

What exactly will the announced devices cost? The clamshell phone has a price of 79 euros, while the new XpressMusic costs a tenner more. The second ‘dumb’ model also has a price of 79 euros. The tablet will soon go for a price of 169 euros.

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