Old iPhone and Nintendo worth a lot of money this

Old iPhone and Nintendo worth a lot of money: this tech pays your bills

When your iPhone or other electronics are old, we often throw it in a drawer somewhere. But you may just have a gold mine in your closet.

Every year a new load of electronics comes on the market. A new iPhone, television, game console and so on. As a result, we also don’t have to put up with the same piece of tech for long before we stock up on new gadgets.

Sometimes we throw away our old devices, but often we keep it anyway. We put it in a closet, the garage or we throw it in the attic, but you may just now have a whole gold mine built up at home. In fact, many of our old tech products are worth more than you might think.

Original iPhone

In the year 2007, a revolutionary piece of tech hit the market; the very first iPhone. By now, of course, this is one of the most famous and popular gadgets in the world. Also, the original iPhone was not expensive at all, but now you can sell them for a nice price.

For an unopened iPhone you can get thousands of euros in no time, but even with a used first generation you can still easily earn 100 euros on eBay. Of course, the condition of the device also affects the value of the gadget.

Old iPhone and Nintendo: These valuable gadgets you may have in your closetiPhone 2G (Image: AFP / Tony Avelar)

Sony Walkman

Before the great success of the iPod and much longer before apps such as Spotify and Apple Music, the Walkman was king of music listening. Released by Sony in 1979, the device was a revolutionary development in the music world.

The Walkman was also a real staple in the pop culture of the 1980s and 1990s. The hype for Walkmans has returned in part due to the Netflix series Stranger Things. The amount you can fetch with a Walkman depends entirely on the model and condition of the gadget, but if you do it right you can fetch between 40 and 100 euros with it on eBay in no time.

Old iPhone and Nintendo: These valuable gadgets you may have in your closetWalkman (Image: Unsplash / Florian Schmetz)

Original iPod

Before the iPhone was the latest craze, you had the iPod. On an iPod you could only listen to music, it was basically the then modern version of a Walkman. In 2001, the device was first released by the now well-known company Apple. Because the digital device easily fit in your pocket, it was mega popular.

The iPhone’s predecessor can still fetch quite a bit of money if time has not scrapped the device. Indeed, a first-generation iPod in reasonably good condition can fetch 50 to 100 euros on eBay. That amount goes up if it is in perfect condition in the box, but that chance is fairly small.

Old iPhone and Nintendo: These valuable gadgets you may have in your closetiPod (Image: Unsplash / Brett Jordan)

Nintendo Game Boy

The Game Boy is the ancestor of almost every handheld console you can think of and was a revolutionary piece of technology. First released in 1989, the Nintendo device took the world by storm with its exchangeable game cartridges. The Game Boy was the gaming console to have at the time.

If you still have a Game Boy lying around at home, you can still make a nice penny with it. A Game Boy in excellent condition can fetch 50 euros on eBay. But the real prize is a special Pokémon edition of the gadget. This one is listed for nearly 4,000 euros on eBay right now. If you have one at home, you really are sitting on a gold mine.

Old iPhone and Nintendo: These valuable gadgets you may have in your closetGame Boy (Image: Unsplash / Nik)

Nokia phones

Before everyone had an iPhone, Nokia was the cell phone king. And so there are still two Nokia phones that sell for a reasonable price. In 2000, the Nokia 3310 came out. This beloved device was extremely powerful and also had the game Snake, what more could you want? On eBay you can sell this phone for about 30 to 50 euros, but this can go up a lot if it is brand new.

But the real Nokia goldmine came out in 2003. The Nokia 8910 had a titanium body and was the definition of a strong phone. The phone was fairly expensive compared to other cell phones so it wasn’t very popular. But because of that, they are now worth quite a lot. With the Nokia 8910, you can pretty quickly fetch hundreds of dollars on eBay. If it is in good condition, you might even tap the 1,000 euro mark.

Old iPhone and Nintendo: These valuable gadgets you may have in your closetNokia 8910 (Image: Wikipedia / Yershovladimir)

So you don’t have to sell the latest iPhone to make a little money, although it might be easier to sell. Still, these gadgets are just another example of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

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