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Oppo Find X5 Pro charges like crazy, but is that bad for the battery?

Lately there has been a lot of talk about batteries in smartphones, especially when we talk about Chinese parties like Oppo. The company recently announced a charger that charges a battery with 240 watts of power. As a result, that battery is fully charged within no less than nine minutes (!).

Unfortunately, we can’t use it yet. But is that a big deal? Because often it is the case that such technologies are bad for your battery. You want a nice, slow and stable charge, so that the device around it lasts longer(er). But now Oppo wants to reassure you about the new possibilities.

Oppo devices charge fast

Indeed, the Oppo Find X5 Pro already features similar technology. Three years of research preceded this. Indeed, with the Battery Health Engine option on board, the battery in the device should still have about eighty percent of its original power after sixteen hundred charges.

Oppo Find X5The X5 (Image: Oppo)

And by sixteen hundred times charging, Oppo really means sixteen hundred times charging: that is, from zero to one hundred percent. In the press release, the company makes it clear that conventional ways of charging already cause such degradation at the eight hundred cycle mark. Yes, that’s fifty percent less.

Appliance lasts a long time

And that also means that Oppo’s devices – with this technology on board – in terms of battery life, last twice as long (in theory). For batteries, not only power is important. Samsung has shown that, as a manufacturer, you also have to consider safety, because otherwise such a phone can catch fire.

The development of batteries does become very interesting to keep an eye on in the near future. Smartphones these days are like washing machines: they either work or they don’t. Such a general and over-complex product is often not very interesting anymore on its own. But specific components can be.