Possible iPhone 14 design shows end of notch but is

Possible iPhone 14 design shows end of notch: but is it an improvement?

It looks like the iPhone 14 will not get a notch. Instead, Apple may opt for a different design that is raising dust. Information about the new front camera design for the iPhone appeared earlier. And now an image has been leaked in which we probably see the correct dimensions.

The image showing the possibly correct dimensions of the holes in the screen, leaked first on Weibo. Later, display analyst Ross Young confirmed that this is the real thing. But as always, only when in this case Apple shows the design will we be one hundred percent sure what the iPhone 14 looks like.

Design of iPhone 14

The holes in the front of the screen naturally house the camera and Face ID system. Now Apple still uses a wide notch for that. But that may change this year, when the iPhone 14 appears. So then Apple may incorporate the technology directly into the screen, as you can see below.

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According to Young, we see here the correct dimensions of the screen holes. So if it is correct, then you know what you will have to deal with when the new iPhone comes out. It looks like the holes take up a lot of screen space; much more than the front cameras do on average than on Android smartphones.

For which models?

Of course, there are a lot of questions about the design of and about the iPhone 14 in general. But an important question within this context is: which iPhones will get this design? There is fairly little to report on that. However, Young recently shared a tweet showing the design of the unannounced 14 Pro.

So it’s likely that the iPhone 14 Pro will at least get this design. In addition, the display analyst expects that the models scheduled for 2023 will all get it. Meanwhile, there are also stories circulating about cameras ónder the screen; but what about that is hard to say.

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