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Revolutionary phone Google is on the street (and this is what it looks like)

Like Samsung, Oppo and Motorola, Google is also going to venture into a foldable Android smartphone. The revolutionary Pixel Fold has managed to keep minds busy for some time, but now it is out in the open.

WANT editor-in-chief Mark Hofman has had the requisite foldable smartphones in his hands, but can’t wait for Google’s model. Now that it’s on the street, it’s time to take a look and shine his light on the model.

Google foldable Android smartphone on the street

It’s not official yet, but we already have a pretty good idea of what the Google Pixel Fold will have to offer us. That came earlier through leaked renders of the device and today through a new video from YouTuber Dave2D.

The best man has managed to get his hands on a plastic dummy of the foldable Android smartphone. In his latest video, Dave2D proudly shares the model. Pleasing, because from this we can infer a few things.

Considering the dummy from the video matches previously leaked renders, we know that the Google Pixel Fold features the following:

5.79-inch screen on the outside
7.67-inch screen on the inside with large screen bezels
Speaker grills on both the top and bottom of the Android smartphone

Although, of course, it is always good to take the news with a grain of salt.

Samsung problem appears to be solved

What also becomes clear in Dave2D’s video is that Google is doing better than Samsung in one specific area. The Galaxy Z Fold 4, the model currently available, features a rather persistent crease in the display. The Google Pixel Fold does that better.

Although it remains to be seen how this will be in practice. The model in the video is made of plastic, which obviously puts less pressure on the screen than a model made of aluminum. In doing so, Samsung also seems to be busy working on a clever solution for the fold of its foldable Android smartphone.

Wondering exactly how that works? I’ll explain it to you in the article below:

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