Samsung Galaxy S22 officially arrives but theres also bad news

Samsung Galaxy S22 officially arrives, but there’s also bad news

Next month is the day: we will officially meet the Samsung Galaxy S22. Unofficially, we already have a very good idea of what the smartphones will bring us, but soon we will actually be able to get to work with them.

Although Samsung also has a bit of bad news in its announcement. Namely, the company seems to be admitting that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra actually means the end of the Galaxy Note.

Samsung Galaxy S22 in February

The Samsung Galaxy S22 will see the light of day next month. We already knew this event through various reliable sources, but now also thanks to the word of Samsung itself. The South Korean company has published an editorial by Dr. TM Roh, President & Head of MX Business, in its newsroom. There it is revealed that an Unpacked event will take place.

In addition to Dr. TM Roh’s text, Samsung also comes out with a real video for the event. It can be viewed below:

The end of the Galaxy Note

Thanks to Samsung’s words, but especially thanks to the video, it is pretty clear what is going to happen to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. A while ago we said on this website that the South Korean company will merge the two smartphones in 2022. Something that actually seems to be happening.

In the video, for example, we see two different smartphones being merged into one device. In Samsung’s text, we mainly see that it talks about the fantastic features of the Galaxy Note. Features that consumers can expect that year in the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

This simply means that the smartphone will lean more on the S Pen. Through leaked images, we already saw that this year’s Galaxy S22 Ultra does have it stowed away. Thanks to the company’s own text, we also get the idea that iconic functionalities, such as gestures, will also find full support in the S series this year.

What does the Samsung Galaxy S22 have to offer?

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series has been discussed on the internet for some time now. Through leaked images, information from reliable sources and speculation, we have in the meantime gotten a pretty good picture of the smartphones.

Are you curious what the devices will offer us exactly and do you want to follow all developments closely? Then be sure to check out this page!