1644689342 Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5 things you need to know

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is impressive, but can it take a beating?

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is an impressive smartphone in many areas. The device is sleekly designed, has a large display and comes with impressive specifications. But can the flagship actually take a beating?

Personally, we find it a bit exciting to smash smartphones like crazy. Fortunately, there are plenty of others who have no problems with that at all. Neither do the people at PBK Reviews, who lovingly let the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra hit the ground running. Though love, they call it.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra drop test

So the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has undergone the PBK Reviews test. This is one that mainly looks at how certain smartphones hold up during a drop test. Mainly the damage to the camera system and the screen are checked. Not the least important parts of a smartphone.

The new camera system of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra looks damn good, but unfortunately it also comes with drawbacks. This becomes clear during PBK’s drop test. The flagship’s large ultrawide lens proves to be an easy victim. The glass of the lens quickly cracks, thus rendering it useless.

The S22 Ultra’s display is impressive. With a curved 6.8-inch screen, there is a lot to see, but there are also many places that can break during a fall. This becomes clear during the test, where the device falls to the ground from hip height. The screen, like the camera system, is a weak point of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The importance of a case

It feels a little silly to say, but the importance of a phone case is proven once again here. I understand like no other that you might not be a fan of that and prefer to use a nice smartphone without a case. I’m a big fan of that myself, for example. But it can just save you a lot of money.

Cases were already important in the early days of the smartphone, but are even more important in 2022. Why? Because more and more companies are designing phones with large screens without screen edges and numerous camera lenses. It brings advantages, but chances of damage are really high because of this. So keep that in mind!

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