Samsung Galaxy S23 on the street this is what the

Samsung Galaxy S23 comes in these colors and is going to cost this much

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is almost upon us, and that means we are now seeing more rumors popping up almost daily. In the news today: rumblings about the devices’ prices, and what colors they should appear in. Don’t be shocked by those prices, by the way, as they are likely to fall higher than usual.

On Twitter, for example, we already come across leaked prices for the Samsung Galaxy S23, which are likely to apply in South Korea. We are talking about prices at least ten, to a maximum of twenty percent higher compared to the previous model. Inflation obviously affects large companies like Samsung as well.

Expensive Samsung Galaxy S23

The Samsung Galaxy S22 cost 849 euros at the time. And the successor should then cost a maximum of 1,050 to 1,100, according to these rumors. And we’re talking about the base model. At the time, the Ultra cost a minimum of 1,249 euros; so with up to twenty percent storage, that will be about 1,500 euros.

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Galaxy S23 Series Price from Korea.
Source from SKTelecom.

S23 : 1,199,000won ($933)
S23+ : 1,397,000won ($1096)
S23 Ultra : 1,599,400won ($1253)

– Connor / 코너 / コナー (@OreXda) January 5, 2023

How come? Well, it has to do with several factors. At the root is the fact that commodities are still more expensive than is desirable. Inflation, war, covid – all that also plays into pricing. Manufacturers are still recovering from all these developments, but just charging prices.

And what about those colors?

Anyway, if you’re going to go deep into the pocket for such a device, it should fit your style. Fortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S23 line seems to come in a number of colors. Think Botanic Green, Cotton Flower, Misty Lilac and Phantom Black. In other words, green, probably yellow, purple and old-fashioned black.

Furthermore, it seems Samsung plans to offer some colors exclusively through its own store, or a limited number of partners. These are the colors gray, light blue, light green and red. In terms of design, by the way, we need not expect any big steps: it is in line with its predecessors.

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