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Samsung Galaxy S23 is good, but more and more flaws call it into question

Although the Samsung Galaxy S23 received high praise last month from various reviewers and websites, including WANT, slowly but surely more and more problems are coming to light. Something users are anything but happy about at the moment.

As time passes, Samsung’s new Android flagship does not seem to address certain issues very well after all. Besides problems with the S-Pen, camera and Wi-Fi, there are also irritations regarding the display. Whew.

More and more problems for Samsung Galaxy S23

Early last month, the Samsung Galaxy S23 was officially announced. At the time, after brief review periods from platforms like ours, the Android smartphone was praised for its unprecedented power and delightful features.

Now that the flagship has been rolled out worldwide and is in many consumers’ homes, however, more and more problems are surfacing. A thread on Reddit, created last month, has become a rallying point for complaints at the time of writing.

For example, people there previously talked about certain problems with the S-Pen or even the stability of the WiFi connection. So now a problem with the display is also added. Indeed, certain apps do not seem to support the screen of the Galaxy S23 very well.

Delay causes irritation

According to several Reddit users, the Samsung Galaxy S23 does really run into a problem. Scrolling within various applications is anything but smooth at the time of writing.

While one user cites Reddit’s app as an example, others turn to other big names. For example, the problems can be found within Twitter, Instagram and even YouTube.

There are certainly users who report that they are not bothered by anything, and my Galaxy S23 Ultra also seems to quietly run its course within the apps. But it is clear that this is not a special problem that is present in just one person.


What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social news and discussion website where users can share content, vote and respond to posts in subreddits on various topics.

Samsung Galaxy S23 gets major update

While it is annoying that the Samsung Galaxy S23 is running into problems, such a situation is anything but unique. It is not very strange for new smartphones to experience the necessary issues.

What a company does with that next is a second. Samsung, with a new update for the Galaxy S23, seems to be really addressing it soon.

Exactly when this update will appear is not yet known, but there is a pretty good chance that April will be the month when all the problems come to an end. So be patient for a while longer.

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