1684049864 Samsung has life saving feature everyone would want to know about

Samsung has life-saving feature everyone would want to know about

Smartphones are packed with smart features, some of which can even be vital if you find yourself in a predicament. While you’re generally best off calling emergency services, you don’t always have cellular coverage everywhere. Samsung has a mighty solution to that.

Samsung has actually equipped its Galaxy phones with a special SOS flashlight that flashes a signal in Morse code. This feature can come in handy when you’re lost while hiking, camping or mountain climbing, as well as when you’re trapped in an elevator or other room where you have no coverage.

The Samsung feature everyone would want to know about

The flashes of light can alert passersby so that they can immediately come to your aid or, conversely, call for help for you. It is hoped that you will never need the feature, but at least now you know how to turn on the SOS flashlight in case of emergency.

The SOS signal consists of a series of short and longer flashes, creating a Morse code. This code is internationally recognized and therefore understood in different places around the world. It is therefore important to use the SOS flashlight only in emergencies.

Samsung smartphone with flashlightLight at the end of the tunnel after all (Image: WANT)

Here’s how to set the SOS flashlight on your phone

Strangely enough, the SOS flashlight can be accessed through the Flashlight app on your Samsung device. Instead, you can enable the life-saving feature through Settings. Navigate to Display and make sure Edge windows is enabled.

Tap it and then navigate to Windows. Select Tools. If you now swipe (often at the level of your volume buttons) on your screen from right to left, the Edge window will appear. If you have no other panels set up, the Tools panel will appear.

Tap the three vertical dots to open the settings and switch to Flashlight. Turn on the flashlight by tapping the icon, then tap SOS. Your Samsung phone will automatically start showing the SOS signal.

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