Samsung comes up with ideal change for smartphones

Samsung possibly gaining one of the biggest advantages of iPhones

Samsung’s smartphones may be going up a notch. According to a reliable source, the company’s flagships will take on the biggest advantage of iPhones.

However, it is still quite a glimpse into the future. Ice Universe, which has an extremely good reputation in this area, lets us know that the change will probably be seen from the Galaxy S25.

‘Samsung takes over big iPhone advantage’

There is a fairly good chance that Samsung will take over a major advantage of the iPhone. Apple has long used its own chips for its smartphones. Something that the South Korean company, according to reliable source Ice Universe, now seems to be doing as well. According to the information held by Universe, Samsung is working on a dedicated processor for the Galaxy S25. A smartphone that probably won’t hit the market for another three years.

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Samsung plans a processor dedicated to Galaxy phones to be used in the Galaxy S25 series in 2025.

– Ice universe (@UniverseIce) May 16, 2022

By the way, there is something to be said for the fact that Samsung already has its own processor at the moment. The Exynos chipset is one that the South Korean company has been using for years for its smartphones in Europe. Yet this is a very different story. Where Samsung does not pay full attention to these chips, it should do so with the new variants.

What is the advantage of having your own chip?

The question you may be asking yourself at this point is, “what exactly does that benefit me?” The answer is simple. By using a proprietary chipset, it is possible to extend the capabilities of such a device much further. Example: on paper, the iPhone’s battery has less capacity than most Android smartphones. Yet the smartphone manages to surpass many of its counterparts in this area. This is due to the chip that makes an iPhone much more energy efficient.

In doing so, such a chip can also contribute to the entire ecosystem. Something that Apple has been praised for for years. Samsung’s could therefore, in theory, actually challenge Apple’s system. Something that the company, in recent years, is already slowly but surely moving towards.

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