Samsung presents its new flagship on this date

Samsung presents its new flagship on this date

Samsung has finally announced when the Samsung Galaxy S23 will be unveiled. The South Korean company does so through a press release. It states that we can follow the announcement in three places. Obviously on the official website and of course the YouTube channel.

The announcement is a bit cringe though, if we’re being honest. The message includes phrases like “We are raising the bar higher than ever and setting new standards of what ‘epic’ is,” and “Get ready to share the epic” doesn’t do it justice. Anyway, after a three-year absence, Samsung is looking forward to it again, and there’s something to be said for that.

Unveiling Samsung Galaxy S23

Because in recent years Samsung, like a lot of companies, has not been able to host a live event. And yes, there we have it again, that’s obviously because of corona. We’re not going to talk about that any further. On Feb. 1, that’s when the company will officially present the Samsung Galaxy S23 series.

Samsung Galaxy S23 UnpackedSamsung Galaxy Unpacked (Image: Samsung)

That first physical Unpacked event in three years will take place in San Francisco, and you can follow it from 7 p.m. Dutch time. As mentioned, you can do that on the YouTube channel and the official website. You will probably see new Galaxy Buds, a new smartwatch and maybe more, in addition to the Samsung Galaxy S23.

Lots of leaked information about the devices

Over the past few months, a lot has already leaked about the various devices. For example, we already know that we can expect three smartphones: Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus and Galaxy S23 Ultra. A new set of earbuds is also coming. These fall under the Galaxy Buds line; we don’t have a name yet.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus will reportedly get 8 GB of working memory and up to 512 GB of storage. The Ultra will get an additional 4 GB of working memory, as well as double the storage. It is also likely that all devices will get the same kind of camera design as on the S22 Ultra.

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