1659213128 Samsung protects you from nosy repairmen in this way

Samsung protects you from nosy repairmen in this way

Of course, it’s never nice to take your phone away for repair. Fortunately, Samsung is now making it a little nicer.

Of course you hate it when your Samsung Galaxy breaks down. A crack in the screen or a bad battery, you will have to replace it sometime. Of course you can do that yourself, but it is understandable that you prefer to leave it to a professional.

Snooping repairmen

Yet, of course, that also has a downside. It doesn’t feel good to just hand over your phone to a stranger. On your smartphone you have all kinds of personal things like photos and messages. You don’t want a stranger to snoop around, even if he or she is repairing your device. Fortunately, Samsung has now found a solution for this.

Samsung has come up with a special Repair Mode. Unfortunately, it is currently only for the Galaxy S21 series in South Korea. However, the company has plans to bring this mode to other countries and devices soon, reports Sammobile. How long that will take is not yet known.

Samsung Repair ModeThis is what it looks like in Korean. (Image: Samsung)

This is how Samsung’s Repair Mode works

If the mode also comes to the Netherlands, you can easily find it. For this you have to go to settings and then to battery. If you select the option there, your phone will be rebooted. After that nobody can access your personal data. To get out of Repair Mode again, you will have to reboot again just like when activating it. Then you need to open your Samsung again with your fingerprint or access code.

With Repair Mode on, access to photos, videos, chats and accounts is completely blocked. In the mode, it is only possible to open standard apps. So with the new mode, you don’t have to worry about your data on your Samsung at all anymore. That does give you peace of mind.

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