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Samsung will solve biggest problem foldable smartphones

Foldable smartphones: companies like Samsung and Oppo are making them increasingly popular. Not only due to improved specifications, but also due to solutions found for problems of the first kind. Although anno 2023, not every drawback has yet been fully addressed.

Although the folding screen in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is better than ever, there will always be a visible crease in it. Perhaps not completely avoidable, but according to many, blood irritating. Fortunately, Samsung seems to be coming up with a solution.

Samsung fixes biggest problem foldable smartphones

The news comes from Korean website Naver, and it is an innovation from Samsung itself. The South Korean company plans to use an innovative hinge in its Galaxy Z Fold 5 that will make the fold a lot less visible.

The innovation in question is a drop-style hinge. This makes the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 when closed not sit closed like a book, but in the shape of a drop. It creates a slightly softer fold, leaving a less violent imprint.

Samsung, foldable smartphones, AndroidThe solution (Image: Samsung Electronics)

This solution is not new. Several smartphone brands, such as Oppo and Motorola have already adopted the technology. The result is to be something to write home about, as the fold is a lot less visible on the Find N2 and third-generation Razr than on Samsung’s smartphones.

Remarkable, as the patent featuring a drop hinge dates back to 2016. So the big question is why Samsung, which has been releasing devices over the years anyway, hasn’t applied the innovation before.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 makes progress (but…)

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, currently the smartphone I use daily, appeared in 2022. The device does many things better unlike its predecessor. The display and the fold are undoubtedly part of that, although the fold is still very visible.

A slight change in strategy wouldn’t hurt as far as I’m concerned, though Samsung shouldn’t tinker too much. Technology has been built around the current hinge for the past few years, and we have been able to see in 2019 what happens when it is not accurate.

The South Korean company may have that as its reason for looking at the drop hinge since 2016, for example, without actually applying it. But we will never know for sure.

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