Samsungs new Galaxy phone doesnt cost a turd but is

Samsung’s new Galaxy phone doesn’t cost a turd (but is dope)

It’s the week of CES 2023: the week of the year where companies showcase their latest innovations and products. Reason enough for Samsung to give one of its cheapest Android phones a makeover.

The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G doesn’t cost a turd, but it ensures that many consumers have a good Android phone. It is one of the company’s more popular models for a reason. As far as WANT editor-in-chief Mark Hofman is concerned, the new upgrade will make sure it stays that way.

Samsung drops revamped Android phone

The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G may look the part. The Android phone features a MediaTek 700 chipset with 4GB of working memory. Groundbreaking this combination is not, considering it was already found in the Galaxy A13. Good it is, by the way.

Besides the 4GB of working memory, the smartphone has only 64GB of storage capacity. Anno 2023 might be a bit low, but fortunately the storage is expandable with a microSD card.

Samsung Galaxy a14 5G, Android, phone(Image: Samsung)

Furthermore, the Android phone features a fine 6.6-inch display (1080p resolution with 90Hz refresh rate), a 50-megapixel main camera with low-res macro function and a 5000mAh battery.

To top it off, the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G comes with Android 13.

Simply doesn’t cost a turd

As mentioned, Samsung’s new Android phone cannot be called groundbreaking. The specifications, for example, are nothing to write home about. Cheap, however, the phone is.

During CES 2023, the U.S. price for the phone was announced. The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G will retail for $200. Remarkable because this makes it $50 cheaper than the Galaxy A13.

Samsung Galaxy a14 5G, Android, phone(Image: Samsung)

Exactly how much it will cost in the Netherlands we do not know at this time, but Samsung Netherlands has already revealed that the smartphone will appear in our country in mid-March.

Samsung, Android and more at CES 2023

The time has come: CES 2023 has begun. The world’s largest technology fair returns in full to Las Vegas and the WANT editors are there. At least, Mark is there. Jeroen and Dennis are in Amsterdam working themselves out of a sweat under their armpits.

Wondering what’s happening in Vegas? Be sure to keep an eye on this page on our website or check out the video below.

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