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Samsung’s next foldable smartphone is already 1-0 behind

Although Samsung has practically kicked off the foldable smartphone market, the South Korean company seems to be up against it this year. Its next variant, likely the Galaxy Z Fold 5, is already 1-0 behind the competition.

Anyone who has held a Galaxy Z Fold in their hands in recent years knows how sturdy the foldable smartphone is. Still, longevity, especially of the upcoming model, seems to be a pain point. Indeed, there are other major Android manufacturers that have figured out the game, in that area, much better.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 already lagging behind

Via US website The Verge, we come upon an article from The Elec. The South Korean website reports that Samsung is busy testing its upcoming foldable smartphone. Specifically, on the foldable part and its longevity.

Sources report to the website that Samsung is working to make the Galaxy Z Fold 5 withstand as many as 300,000 folds. To pull this off, the South Korean company will have to fold and collect data.

However, that data shows that Samsung makes a Galaxy Z Fold 5 succeed, so to speak, once it is at 85% or higher of its target. Simply put, the company tests the foldable smartphone for three hundred thousand folds, but settles for two hundred thousand.

See and this is exactly the point where other Android manufacturers overtake the South Korean powerhouse.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 AndroidThe Z Fold 4 (Image: Samsung)

Android competitors do a lot better

Although Samsung has practically launched the market for foldable smartphones, the company does seem to be losing out to its competitors. In terms of durability, devices from the likes of OPPO and Honor perform a lot better.

These companies ensure that their foldable smartphones can be folded about four hundred thousand times before physical problems arise. Half more than the result Samsung is aiming for with Galaxy Z Fold 5.

It would be unfortunate if, should The Elec’s information be true, Samsung actually settles for less. The question we do ask ourselves at the editorial department is whether that is actually going to have an impact in consumer choice.

Keep in mind, of course, that this is a rumor. So be sure to take this story with a grain of salt.

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