Seven year old FairPhone 2 finally gets new version Android

Seven-year-old FairPhone 2 finally gets new version Android

Android smartphones are not known for the long support that comes with them. Still, there is an old model that manages to steal the show in that area today. Party in the market!

A stable version of Android 10 has been rolled out today for the Fairphone 2. An old operating system for an old smartphone, but without a doubt good news. That a seven year old phone with Google’s software is getting an update is a delightful development.

Fairphone 2 gets Android 10

As of November last year, the first developments were already starting to take place. In March 2022, the time has finally come. The Fairphone 2 has received a fully stable version of Android 10. Users with the smartphone can finally install the operating system from 2019. Special, because the device is now seven years old.

With a complete focus on sustainability, Fairphone is taking the right step in this way. Is it remarkable that an update that already saw the light of day in 2019 will only appear in 2022? Yes, it certainly is. But that should really not spoil the fun, in my opinion. We’ve been shouting for years that Android smartphones should be supported for longer and the Fairphone is an obvious example that the possibility is really there.

Twitter won’t load because you didn’t give permission.

Today marks a big milestone for us at Fairphone. We’re celebrating the roll out of Android 10 for our #Fairphone 2. That’s 7 years of software support – an industry first for an Android device! 📱💥

How was this possible? Take a look (full video) ➡ :

– Fairphone (@Fairphone) March 9, 2022

It is now the seventh year that the Fairphone 2 has been provided with updates, so the sustainability card can be rightly played after all.

The new model also impressive

The Fairphone 2 is now seven years old, but in the meantime new models of the device have of course appeared. Indeed, last year the Dutch company released the Fairphone 4. A smartphone that I was allowed to test at the time and that I was quite pleased with.

Are these devices hardcore specification bombs that manage to impress on all fronts? No, they are not. But they are accessible, solid smartphones that are incredibly easy to repair. Not interesting for the entire market, but certainly for a small group of consumers. And those consumers were rewarded today for their choice.

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