Sick Insane Android smartphone fully charges within 10 minutes.webp

Sick! Insane Android smartphone fully charges within 10 minutes

Realme has announced its new GT Neo 5. This is an Android smartphone that we cannot get in the Netherlands, but it does carry one very special feature. Namely, the device can be charged with 240W power and is thus completely full within 10 minutes.

The time has come: the smartphone is as good as finished. In recent years Android manufacturers, and of course Apple with its iPhone, managed to make such strides that we almost have nothing left to wish for. Almost, because when it comes to battery, there are still some steps to be made.

Bizarre Android smartphone charges in 10 minutes

Stepping up is at least what Chinese company Realme is doing with its GT Neo 5. It is slowly but surely starting to get a bit out of hand, but on the other hand it is bold. The Android smartphone pounds 240W through its battery during a charging session and then is fully charged within 10 minutes.

Crazy, but effective. Although the Redmi Note 12 Discovery Edition makes a handsome attempt with its 210w, nobody seems to be able to beat the Realme GT Neo 5 at the moment. Those who want the fastest charging Android smartphone in their hands will probably want to go with this model.

To get a good idea of exactly how impressive charging this Android smartphone is, Realme gave the demo above during the GT Neo5 unveiling.

Imposing, but is it the right move?

There are still some strides to be made in the battery field, but the question is in what area exactly. More and more Android manufacturers are doing their best to make precisely battery charging faster. But are we really looking for that?

It is precisely the battery life that still deserves some attention as far as we are concerned. At least, that’s the opinion colleague Jeroen Kraak had in the most recent episode of our Freakin’ Nerds podcast. You check out that episode below:

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