Taking photos like a pro: 3 good tripods for your smartphone

Smartphones are equipped with better and better cameras and are getting closer and closer to professional cameras in terms of quality. With a tripod for your Android smartphone or iPhone, you can get even better results.

Moving your Android or iOS phone’s camera a little too much may result in lower-quality snapshots. Especially in night photography, movement is disastrous. It is handy when you can fall back on a smartphone tripod to take your photography to the next level. Moreover, these tripods are extremely handy for taking selfies.

Android and iPhone: 3 good tripods for your smartphone

#1 Joby GripTight One GorillaPod Stand

This tripod from Joby has flexible legs, making it great for setting it on different surfaces. You also easily clamp the legs around a pipe or tree branch. Because of its compact size and light weight, you can easily take the Joby GripTicht One GorrillaPod Stand with you on the road. In addition, this tripod is also great to use as a selfie stick for your Android or iPhone.

Handy, such a tripod with flexible legs. (Image: Joby)

#2 Cullmann Alpha 2500 Mobile tripods

For a slightly larger tripod for your Android smartphone or iPhone, you’ll be fine with the Cullmann Alpha 2500 Mobile. The tripod is foldable and has a maximum length of 67 centimeters. It is also suitable for heavier cameras and lenses. The length of the legs is individually adjustable, so you can easily photograph on any surface.

#3 Dörr Travel Tripod Gipsy for iPhone and Android

Another compact and lightweight tripod is the Travel Tripod Gipsy from Dörr. The tripod is easy to carry in a bag and can be used with an Android smartphone or iPhone as well as a compact or system camera. However, the maximum carrying capacity is only 2 kilograms. The beauty of this tripod is that it can be extended to a height of 68 cm. Very handy for taking a group selfie, especially with these handy tips!

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