The battery tip that almost all Android users overlook

The battery tip that almost all Android users overlook

We all (logically) want our smartphone battery to last as long as possible. However, sometimes we don’t make it to the end of the day and your Android or Apple phone indicates that the device can be put into Power Save mode which will make your battery last a little longer. But sometimes with some apps, that’s exactly what we don’t want. WANT editor Dennis Mons tells you all about it.

Nothing is more agonizing than a phone that is at the end of its rope. Especially as soon as there is no charger nearby. To ensure that you can use at least the basic functions of your Android phone, the option to go into Savings mode is offered. It’s hugely convenient, but does come with a drawback. Here’s how to put an end to that.

How to save battery life through Power Save mode in Android?

As with an iPhone, on your Android phone you get a notification that you can use Savings Mode. The problem, however, is that the phone imposes certain restrictions on apps, such as how often it checks for new emails.

In addition, GPS-based services are used only when you turn on the screen. Also, your Android device no longer “listens” in, so voice control is no longer usable. And yes, Savings Mode regularly pauses apps running in the background, so you then also have little use for your fitness apps during a workout.

iPhone, WhatsApp, Apple, Meta“But do you mean I’m missing all these things?” (Image: Lionsgate)

Incidentally, Android also has the Ultimate Savings Mode where all (or chosen) apps are completely paused, and thus no longer run in the background. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also turned off.

Turn off saver mode per app

Those restrictions can be particularly inconvenient in some cases. Still, Android users have an advantage that iPhone users cannot have. Namely, it is possible to set Savings mode on an app-by-app basis.

To do that, go to your Settings and then to Battery. Here you will find the Economy Mode option (turn it on or off).

sleep modesSet everything per app here (Image: Samsung)

Set per app

In the next spot, you will also find the Limit background usage option. There are several options there. The most obvious one is Allow Unused Apps to Snooze. You can also put some Android apps in Slumber mode or Ultimate Slumber mode in the background. With the latter, apps don’t run at all in the background.


Are the settings not correct?

The settings below were found from a Samsung phone. So the settings on your phone may be called slightly different, but the principle remains the same.

The option to never leave apps dormant speaks for itself. So here you can choose which apps stay running, even during Save mode.

So if you’re afraid of missing a very important email, for example, you’ll solve that problem in no time. Unless, of course, your battery is really dead.

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