The five best Android apps you can use right now

The Google Play Store is full of great (and not so great) apps for your Android smartphone. That you sometimes can’t see the forest for the trees is therefore not at all surprising. Which applications are worth trying and which are not?

To help you in your search we list five must-have apps for you every month at WANT. So in February 2022, are you looking for a good app for your Android smartphone? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Five must-have Android apps

For the month of February, we recommend the following five Android apps:

#1 Secure Browser: DuckDuckGo

Google Chrome and FireFox are wonderful browsers to use, but not the most privacy-friendly options. If you want to fly around the web like a free bird and prefer to leave no trace, for whatever reason, DuckDuckGo is a fantastic choice.

DuckDuckGo is a browser that protects users’ data well. For example, the data is only stored for a short period of time, can be deleted at the touch of a button, and is not shared with other parties. As soon as a website or developer tries to track your data, DuckDuckGo stops it.

You get the Android app through this link.

DuckDuckGo for Android (Image: DuckDuckGo)

#2 For the sports enthusiast: FotMob

Are you crazy about sports and don’t want to miss a game? Then you probably have a problem, because if you can follow every game live you must be a big one. However, there is a good alternative in the form of FotMob.

Within this application it is possible to keep track of all the scores of all the matches. This can of course be done through notifications, but also just within the app itself so you are not constantly disturbed. You can see what the score is, how many minutes have been played, who is playing, who is scoring and so on. It is a very complete app that can also keep you up to date with the latest soccer news. An app for the real fan, in other words.

You can get the Android app via this link.

Keep an eye on everything! (Image: FotMob)

#3 Forgot Password: LastPass for Android

Since I use a different password for every account I have (just as safe), I am one of those people who always whines about not being able to log in. So that’s the reason I use LastPass these days to combat this problem.

LastPass is a nice app that stores all passwords on one type of device for free. So you can use the service either on your computer or on your smartphone. This gives you not only a handy tool for storing your passwords, but also a manager who immediately fills them in when you scan your fingerprint or face. LastPass is also the place for safe notes and addresses.

You get the Android app from this link.

LastPass logo (Image: LastPass)

#4 For the list maker: TickTick

Following on from forgetting your password: forgetting tasks! Whether it has to do with housework, work or appointments, it’s always easy to have a good To Do app on your Android smartphone.

In that respect, TickTick comes highly recommended. The application is incredibly easy to set up, very easy to use thanks to its minimalist design, and is available on multiple platforms. Pleasant, but that’s not where TickTick excels. The application is, by means of small tricks, completely customizable. So you can use the app anytime, anywhere, when and how you want. Ideal for this kind of application.

You get the Android app through this link.

The TickTick app (Image: TickTick)

#5 Anywhere in the world: ExpressVPN

The last app in the February 2022 Android list is a VPN. Not just any VPN, but ExpressVPN. Where alternatives like NordVPN and Surfshark excel in certain areas, Express is the all-around app.

ExpressVPN is incredibly user-friendly with its minimalist design and convenient features. With the push of a button you can surf the web safely and get all the benefits that such an application knows how to offer consumers. Watching a short movie on Netflix that is not available in the Netherlands is therefore easy!

You can download the Android app through this link.

With a VPN, it’s a snap (Image: ExpressVPN)

More useful tips for Android

Android is a wonderful operating system that is full of surprises. No matter if you are looking for applications like or handy tricks for the system itself: there is always something to find. I therefore hope that I have been able to help you with this article and that our other articles can do the same.

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