1666136749 The innovative Motorola smartphone that can blow everyone away

The innovative Motorola smartphone that can blow everyone away

Motorola is a subsidiary of China’s Lenovo, often used for fine budget smartphones. Now when we think of this brand, we rarely do so in the context of “the future of smartphones. But a recently shown prototype may change that.

Sometimes brands can suddenly come out unexpected. That’s what Motorola is showing at Lenovo Tech World 2022. During a short demonstration, the well-known brand showed a prototype that may yet herald the beginning of the end of the smartphone as we know it today. And yes, that sounds pretty fierce.

Motorola and the rollable smartphone?

Indeed, during Tech World, the company will present a rollable smartphone. With the push of a button, the prototype can make the screen increase in length. And the cool thing about this whole thing is: the software responds to it. In the gif below, you can see how the background moves with the rollout.

Motorola prototypeA roll-up smartphone from Motorola (Image: Motorola)

In the gif, we see only the front of the device. It looks like the screen is rolled out from the back to the front. Moreover, it could just be that this is an actual working prototype. Among other things, we see icons for a mobile connection and a battery; but of course, these could be fake.

From big to small

This Motorola’s roll-up OLED screen measures up to 6.5-inches. But when you don’t roll it out, you can get by with a comfortable-to-hold size of just over 4-inches. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not disclosed anything about the device at the time of writing.

Therefore, we cannot yet say with certainty that this device will eventually appear on the market or how expensive it will be. By the way, several manufacturers have so presented their own ideas about rollable smartphones, including LG and TCL. But even those smartphones are still not for sale.

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