The iOS 16 concept that makes us cant wait until

The iOS 16 concept that makes us can’t wait until September

In two weeks, it’s time: WWDC 2022. At the event, we will get to see for the first time exactly what iOS 16, the new operating system for the iPhone, has to offer consumers.

It looks very much like we shouldn’t expect a major redesign of the system. However, there are a lot of new, useful, features and improvements planned. Something that is well reflected in a new concept video that surfaced.

iOS 16 concept steals the show

What exactly iOS 16 has to offer we don’t know yet, but a man can always dream. At least that’s what designer Nicholas Ghigo is doing. He shares on his YouTube channel a homemade commercial about the upcoming operating system. A video that makes us look forward to September: the month in which the system will probably be released.

In the video we see custom app icons, the ability to lock applications and interactive widgets. Widgets in this concept can change size so that you can use them more easily. Ideal for playing and selecting music, for example. In addition, Ghigo also makes use of an iPadOS feature. His version of iOS 16 features an app library that you can access from your iPhone’s dock.

Whether Ghigo’s version is actually the one that Apple is showing on June 6, of course, we don’t know. In any case, it’s a great way to get a bit of an appetite for the event that awaits us next week.

Private Relay a lot better

As mentioned, iOS 16 is expected to make mostly improvements. One of those functionalities where this will possibly be clearly visible is Private Relay. The scope of the functionality should be mainly increased. Apple reportedly wants to use a VPN-like tunnel to strengthen its privacy components.

Want to know more about that functionality? Then be sure to read the above article Wesley recently wrote about it.

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