The iPhone 14 Pro feature still missing from the 128GB

The iPhone 14 Pro feature still missing from the 128GB model

The iPhone 14 Pro is officially a reality. Not only did we see it announced last week during Far Out, but it’s also already available to order. Although you have to be careful which variant you choose exactly.

Those who want to use all the functionalities should not go for the 128GB model. There is namely a camera function that requires more storage capacity.

iPhone 14 Pro feature missing from 128GB

As with the iPhone 13 Pro, the ProRes feature requires quite a bit of storage. Thus, those who buy an iPhone 14 Pro with 128GB will not have the functionality. This is made clear by the specification list on Apple’s website.

Thanks to the functionality it is possible to shoot videos in 4K resolution at 30 frames per second. So those who want to take advantage of this must have an iPhone 14 Pro with 256GB, 512GB or 1TB of storage capacity. Logical, because a one-minute video in ProRes will easily cost you 6GB of storage.

iPhone 14, Android, phone, appleIn all its glory (Image: Mark Hofman/WANT)

If you have a Pro or Pro Max with 128GB of storage, you will shoot images in 1080p resolution. A one-minute recording will only cost you 1.7GB this way. Significantly less, in other words.

Order now

It is now possible to order the new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. The first device is available from 1,329 euros and will be available for delivery between October 11 and October 18. The smartphone is available in Deep Purple, Gold, Silver and Space Black colors. The iPhone 14 Pro, with the following compositions, will cost you this much:

128GB | 1,329 euro
256GB | 1,459 Euro
512GB Euros
1TB | 1,979 Euros

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is available in the same color options and storage options. Although, of course, the prices are a bit higher:

128GB | 1,479 euro
256GB | 1,609 Euro
512GB 1,869 Euro
1TB | Euro 2,129

Those who go for the Pro Max, by the way, have to be a little more patient. The smartphone will not be at your door until October 18 or October 25. Check Apple’s website for more information.

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