The iPhone 6 Plus was an icon but now rests

The iPhone 6 Plus was an icon, but now rests in Apple’s Vintage list

Apple has added the iPhone 6 Plus, which appeared in the fall of 2014, to its list of vintage products. So the company’s first major smartphone now finds itself in a lineup with other greats.

Products become vintage the moment Apple stopped distribution at least five years and no more than seven years ago. Sales of the iPhone 6 Plus stopped on September 7, 2016.

iPhone 6 Plus in the vintage list

On September 9, 2014, Apple announced two different flagships at the same time for the first time. With the iPhone 6 Plus, the American company presented consumers with a choice: do you want a regular screen or would you rather have a larger screen on your phone. Unique, because until then this did not happen very much in the market. Anno 2022 we do not know better.

In 2015, the successors to that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus appeared. It was the 6S series which was succeeded by the iPhone 7 a year later. That was also directly the year Apple stopped selling the Plus model from 2014. So now more than five years ago.

iPhone 6 PlusThe Plus model (Image: Apple)

In addition to its size, the iPhone 6 Plus obviously stood out for its functionalities. For example, this was the first smartphone with Apple Pay. The device was provided with updates by Apple until 2013, so it is still running on iOS 13 today.

Why not the small model?

Where the iPhone 6 Plus is added to the Vintage list today, the smaller model stays away from that list for a while. Whereas Apple stopped selling that first model from 2016, it had other plans for the second.

When the iPhone 7 series appeared in 2017, the iPhone 6 was reintroduced to the market. Apple sold the 2014 phone as a midrange device, which was two years old at the time. It was available in that form until 2018. So it will be quite a while before the model appears in the list.

Of course, all the devices that appeared before the iPhone 6 Plus can now also be found in the list. The iPhone 4 is the youngest model in the list. All devices that appeared before it are considered obsolete.