The iPhone feature ALL users should check out during the

The iPhone feature ALL users should check out during the heat

It’s hot in the Netherlands. Very hot. The temperatures are so high this week that we are once again experiencing a real heat wave. Enjoyment, but on the other hand also reason to watch out. Fortunately, there is an iPhone function that helps you with that.

After all, your iPhone doesn’t just make it possible to check the temperature. Since iOS 15, it is also possible to see exactly when you need to watch out for the strength of the sun. Simply put: your smartphone tells you exactly when it’s necessary to oil up the body.

iPhone warns you about the sun

There are a number of helpful features found in the Weather app on your iPhone. For example, it tells you the temperature, the chance of rain and even gives you updates on air quality. Incidentally, since iOS 15, the operating system that rolled out last year, another new feature has been added.

Anyone who opens iOS’s Weather app on their iPhone can also see, in certain places, the UV index. This displays the UV radiation and thus tells you exactly how powerful the sun’s radiation is. The higher that radiation is, the better you should pay attention. After all, too much radiation not only causes you to burn, but is also incredibly bad for the body.

iPhone, Heat, HeatwaveIndex 2 (Image: Apple / Edit: OMT)

Your iPhone displays, on a scale of 1 to 10, the UV radiation at your location. In the process, you’re given an advisory. At the time of writing Weather indicates a UV index of 2 and advises you to use sunscreen from 11:00 to 18:00. If the index is a lot higher, then it is also advisable, for example, to seek out the shade more often during the day.

A handy tool that allows you to quickly see whether you need to put on more sunscreen or not.

With the screen down

By the way, your iPhone has more nifty tricks up its sleeve. For example, did you know it’s smart to lay the screen of your smartphone down on the table?

Wondering why that’s a good idea? Then be sure to read the article below on our website.

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