The limited way Samsung lets you fix your smartphone yourself

The limited way Samsung lets you fix your smartphone yourself

Samsung finally launches the program that allows consumers to buy parts for their smartphones and tablets. This makes it possible to repair a device yourself, provided, of course, that the company offers the parts. Moreover, the manufacturer does not yet support every smartphone and tablet.

Fixing your own products at home and therefore not having to wait days or weeks for a repair: for many handymen this is an ideal situation. Samsung offers that option through a new program, for which it collaborates with repair website iFixit. There you can buy parts for broken Galaxy’s.

Repair program from Samsung

Samsung announced this program back in March, but now it’s finally here (in the US). Unfortunately, you can’t just fix all the products yourself. You can only buy repair kits for the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21 lines and Tab S7 Plus. Also, you can only repair the screen, battery, charging port and glass back.

Samsung Galaxy S21 ultraFront of screen (Image: Mark Hofman / WANT)

In addition, Samsung provides guides that explain step-by-step how to do a repair. That’s pretty convenient. You actually arrange everything via the iFixit website. There you choose your model and what exactly you want to fix. You also see what everything costs: replacing a charging port, for example, costs $ 69.99.

Durable, yet limited

Furthermore, you can send the old parts back to iFixit and Samsung; the received box contains a return label. That’s a sustainable solution. On paper at least, this sounds nice. We also now know more or less what to expect from this service, should it ever come to the Netherlands.

But for now, the scale of the repair service is quite limited. Not only when we look at the number of parts to be replaced, but also when we add the list of devices. Let’s hope Samsung expands the program on many fronts soon, because we can only welcome this kind of initiative.

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