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The new iPhone feature making us look forward to iOS 17.3

iOS 17.2 has been out since this week, but now people are especially looking forward to iOS 17.3. The reason: a new feature that greatly protects all your sensitive data on your iPhone.

A new iOS version means new features on your iPhone. With iOS 17.2, the Diary app is incredibly useful. There are also other new features, such as in the Weather app.

Still, many tech enthusiasts are looking at a new feature of iOS 17.3. This one may not be as sexy, but it helps you protect the data on your iPhone considerably better.

Your iPhone better protected from criminals thanks to iOS 17.3

If you own an iPhone, one of your biggest nightmares is having it stolen. You may be insured for that, but the lost purchase value is certainly not the only damage. A criminal may also have access to all sorts of data. As of iOS 17.3, the latter are even better protected.

Although the chances are slim, there is always a possibility that thieves might be able to access your Apple ID, which means they can access your data. For example, by first looking over your shoulder before stealing a device.

If criminals have access to your phone, they can very quickly change passwords and recovery keys to your Apple ID. It is also possible to disable the Find My feature, making it difficult to recover the iPhone.

With the future version of iOS, there will be an additional layer of protection on top that should make that impossible. This feature will be called Stolen Device Protection, or something along the lines of stolen device protection.

Here’s how it works

This makes it almost impossible to access data. In addition, it gives those whose device is stolen enough time to protect and delete all information from a distance.

If your iPhone notices that a user wants to change sensitive settings, from a place where you are not often, additional protection measures come into play. It asks you to log in with Face ID or Touch ID, then you have to wait an hour to log in again with Face ID and Touch ID. Only then can someone gain access.


Tips to better protect your iPhone

Use Face ID or Touch ID to unlock your iPhone
Choose a passcode longer than four characters
Turn on maximum screen time
Disable the control panel on the lock screen

An iPhone thief has virtually no access to biometric data unless he coerces you. Then he would also have to capture you for an hour to gain full access to your iPhone and change settings. A pretty unlikely scenario, then.

As mentioned, this is a feature for iOS 17.3. Since 17.2 is just out, it may be a while before the new feature comes to your iPhone. However, it is already testable in the beta version of iOS 17.3. That has been live since this week.

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