1670031191 The powerful Android trick that people only now seem to

The powerful Android trick that people only now seem to be figuring out

Android is a fine operating system with an awful lot of features. We understand when sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. Or when you don’t even know that there’s another tree somewhere that you weren’t aware of. As a result, some people don’t find out about certain, useful options until later.

And one of those handy options is split screen. This is a feature commonly found on computers and tablets. It splits the image in half to display two apps at the same time (or three or four apps, for example). This way you can see more at a glance, and make the most of the large screen.

Using split screen on Android

But did you know that your Android phone (and, of course, your tablet) has that functionality as well? You might answer no to this, and that’s totally okay. However, the option has been baked in since version 9.0 of the system. That one came out in August 2018; so that’s more than four years ago.

Android split screenThis is what split screen looks like on a Pixel 7 Pro (Image: Wesley Akkerman)

Then again, that’s the only requirement your Android must meet. If you have an earlier version of the system, you will not have access to split screen. How you activate the option varies by device. But for all models, you arrange this within the recent app overview. You then proceed as follows.

Split screen fix on your own device

You reach the recent app view in two ways: via the square button on the navigation bar or by swiping up from the bottom right. Next, tap the app icon above the view. Then a menu pops up, where you’ll see the split-screen mode option. Tap on that.

Then you specify that one app should be on the right and the other app on the left. In our example, you see the app Chrome (with the best website in the Netherlands) on the right and a Twitter profile (of a great and very modest person) on the left. By the way, this only works if you had previously opened the apps in question.

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